Looking Ahead!

You know, from time to time I think of all the things the band has gone through in the last almost 4 years it's been around. Jason and I started in a garage going through Bassist after bassist and didn't find one that stuck to running with old members, really taking off, things beginning, things ending, and now... a much-needed Rebirth. Since our parting with old members, and some much-needed R&D, we realized it was us from the beginning. The music we put out is not about the people the songs draw inspiration from but the feeling that someone gets from it. It could be a lost family or friend, or someone just losing themselves. Someone finding their way or even just pain. The emotion it sparks can be Romantic or sad, Happy or mad, or just feeling relaxed. We like going to show and hearing compliments and critiques because we know we aren't perfect. We love hearing and speaking with other bands about what they are doing because we have played with some big names and they are just as calm and down to earth and humble as anyone else. We have a BIG and long road ahead of us and we are not worried about people trying to put their two sense into everything we do because we have proven that we are gonna go as far as we can and do our damndest to stand out in this giant pool. We are Putting out another album bust as to when is still undetermined. We have been writing new material, one of which will be the first time anyone has heard it on Feb. 11th, 2018 at The Ottobar in Baltimore. this will be our 4th show in Baltimore in the last 7ish months. we have been slowly getting shows in that area and are happy that someone is giving us a chance to spread our wings a bit. we hope to see many people there! We Love Every One of You Guys!!!!

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