With Change.... Comes New Music and a new Light!

so in the past few month, we have done a complete overhaul on the band. the band had a lot of bad problems that were holding us back. things that kept us on the shore almost indefinitely, but with change come something new and refreshing. it is currently Trey and Jason in the band, and they have done so many new things that they set out to do when the band started. their dream started with Headquarters Live. then grew to Baltimore. Now, with the launch of the new EP "8:15 Pm", on July 26th IN BALTIMORE, we can see just what dreams are made of. a lot of new connections and a promising future looks bright for Red Bullett and RB Studios, and there is more on the horizon with their album, "The Lifestyles of The Poor and The Reckless", set to release October 28th, 2017. This is never the end for Red Bullett and we all would like to thank our wonderful fans who stuck by us through the changes we made. We are currently in the midle of our 2017 "Stars in Your Eyes tour with the following dates coming up:

July 26 - The Depot, EP Launch, Baltimore, MD

Aug 12 - Eddie Sinclare Benefit, Powellville VFW, Powellville, MD

Aug 26 - Eastern Shore Paradise, Onley, VA 

Sept 2 - The Depot, Labor Day, Baltimore, MD 

Sept 9 - Kip's Autism Benefit, Princess Anne, MD 

Oct 14 - Onley, Va, Benefit, TBA 

Oct 28 - Tom's Bullpen, Album launch/Holloween Party, Dover, DE

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